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A rare choice of one hundred and one ways in which coaches can hire diverse diversifications of the choice of their team's offensive assault. Covers the split-back veer, wishbone, Woody s choice, Delaware wing-t, a number of I concepts, one-back bone, midline alternative, shotgun alternative, utilizing units and movement, in addition to equipment recommendations and kicking-game suggestions. comprises over a hundred diagrams and illustrations.

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The quarterback flash fakes the fullback and pitches off the defensive end (Diagram 33). This play offers a wonderful opportunity for an offense to get its top runner on the perimeter and optimize speed in space. This option works best against a reduced defense and can be G blocked, as in Option #27. It also provides an excellent opportunity for a team's top runner to get out on the perimeter for the ultimate in speed in space. Diagram 33 Page 51 Chapter 5 Woody's Options Ohio State's Woody Hayes was the coach who was always associated with a ''three yards and a cloud of dust" offense, but he was also very effective with the option.

This double option is also an effective pitch option, and it gives the tight end the opportunity to block the free safety alley player. The only coaching point for this option is for the center, who should post his man onside before sealing the back side. The halfbacks jab-step away and execute their normal arc option. The quarterback triple-steps opposite, flash fakes to the fullback, and then turns back into the line of scrimmage and jumps into the guard's hip pocket. If the guard can log the defensive tackle, then the quarterback should option the defensive end.

The quarterback opens as he would on the trap option, and the fullback dives to the center, exactly as he would on the trap option. On the Freeze Option, however, the quarterback never turns back, but rather, he continues in the same direction to which he opened. The tailback freezes until the quarterback starts down the line of scrimmage. This action prepares him for a pitch as the quarterback options the defensive end (Diagram 42). The backfield action in both the trap and freeze should look exactly the same as the play starts.

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