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By Marc Cerasini

Area fifty one: America's top-secret complex army checking out flooring, hidden away within the Nevada wilderness, the place the amazing guns of day after today are being constructed. yet a mole contained in the impregnable facility has been leaking hugely complicated killing expertise to America's worst enemies . . . who intend to show its harmful strength on an unsuspecting state prior to the day is out.

Agent Jack Bauer has an insignificant twenty-four hours to derail a bad plot, as a perilous endgame takes form within the neon glare of close by Las Vegas. yet to take action, the rogue CTU operative should lead an most unlikely attack on quarter fifty one itself—and divulge a deadly string of betrayal and corruption that leads from the terrorists to the underworld and all of the approach into the guts of the U.S. government.

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