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By William C. Piercy, Henry Wace

Realize crucial, trustworthy details on over 800 Christian personalities, teams, and literature to the top of the 6th century A.D. during this distinctive, concise quantity. It contains descriptions of the primary sects and heresies that challenged orthodox Christianity on numerous fronts throughout the early years. A remarkably accomplished paintings, this quantity developed from the prestigious four-volume Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature. For someone enthusiastic about the early church and the folk who made indelible marks in its tale, it is a primary resource.

• positive factors trustworthy sketches of significant Christian personalities of the 1st six centuries. • Analyzes the records, creeds, and literature of the early church and its rivals. • Describes the critical sects and heretics of early Christianity, together with discussions of the theological developments of those competitors. • Covers greater than six hundred years of church historical past in a single handy quantity.

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When the imperial throne was filled by the orthodox Jovian, Acacius with his friends found it convenient to change their views, and in 363 they voluntarily accepted the Nicene Symbol (Socr. iii. 25). On the accession of the Arian Valens in 364 Acacius once more went over to the more powerful side, making common cause with the Arian Eudoxius (Socr. iv. 2). But he found no favour with the council of Macedonian bishops at Lampsacus, and his deposition at Seleucia was confirmed. D. 366. Acacius enriched with parchments the library at Caesarea founded by Pamphilus (Hieron.

But no one shall place another in my tomb, but if so, he shall pay 2000 gold pieces to the Romans, and 1000 gold pieces to my excellent fatherland Hierapolis" (so Ramsay, vide Expositor, ix. 3rd ser. p. 271, for a justification of this reading). , with an Account of the Principal Sects and Heresies. Henry Wace Abgar. ] Acacius (2), bp. of Caesarea, from a personal defect known as ὁ μονόφθαλμος, the pupil and biographer of Eusebius the church historian. D. 340 (Socr. H. E. ii. 4; Soz. H. E. iii.

Xli. p. 746, c. lv. p. 757; and one to Cyril, ib. c. xxii. p. 440; Labbe, Conc. vol. iii. p. 382 (Cave, Hist. Lit. i. 417; Tillemont, Mem. eccl. vol. ; Hefele, Konz. Gesch. Bd. ). D. 471–489. v. (Ἀκάκιος). ). On the death of Gennadius (471) he was chosen bp. , with an Account of the Principal Sects and Heresies. Henry Wace churches of the East and West. On the one side he laboured to restore unity to Eastern Christendom, which was distracted by the varieties of opinion to which the Eutychian debates had given rise; and on the other to aggrandize the authority of his see by asserting its independence of Rome, and extending its influence over Alexandria and Antioch.

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