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By John William Charles Wand

Dr Wand's vintage therapy of the early church is concise, complete and uses professional treatises. The company of fabric and lucid kind make available what's now and then a fancy topic. furthermore, the publication is stuffed with vignettes of widespread personages and curious goods of information.Interesting and informative, A background of Early Church caters for the final reader with an curiosity in background in addition to the spiritual reviews scholar fow whom it's largely meant.

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D. 1 It is a relief to remember that there remained one class, the Essenes, who had withdrawn from all this strife of factions and had retired into communities where they could serve God in quietness. D. 66 (see Foakes-Jackson, Beginnings of Christianity, Vol. I, p. 421). Page 6 not touch flesh food—but they provided a precedent for much that was to be valuable in later religious effort. The system of government to which all these parties alike were forced to submit was the power of a foreign conqueror exercised through native princes.

It used to be the fashion in books of this kind to say that Christianity appeared at the psychological moment when religion had died out of the world and atheism had left a void waiting to be filled. We know now on the contrary that there had been a striking revival of religious interest. The Church did not step forth on to an empty stage, but into an arena full of warring sects and rival faiths. But at least it remains true that religion and culture were in the meltingpot waiting to be fresh moulded, that men were conscious of a great need, that every question was an open question, and that if Christianity won in the end it did so not simply because of favouring circumstance but on its own merits.

Fire had broken out in Rome, and disaffected citizens were beginning to say that the Emperor was himself responsible. In order to avoid losing the sympathy of the plebs, his last remaining supporters, Nero foisted the charge of arson on the Christians. Tacitus tells us that a ‘multitudo ingens’ perished in the consequent slaughter. Nero naturally showed himself forward in the work, slaying his victims with barbaric cruelty and even using some of them as human torches to illuminate a fête Page 17 in the imperial gardens.

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