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By Rod Norville

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ISBN: 1933255498
EAN: 9781933255491
ASIN: 1933255498
Publisher: Dna Press
Publication Date: 2009-09-01
Number of Pages: 230
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads

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Taking position around the barriers of time, this riveting, romantic experience asserts the plausibility of time commute via medical truth as Dr. Greg Philips travels down a twisting street to correct a negative flawed from his earlier. After being engaged by way of the U.S. executive to scientifically validate out-of-body remote-viewing espionage, Dr. Philips by chance creates a mini black gap, which he then becomes a time-travel automobile. Explaining in complete aspect the operation and layout of the transmission electron microscope used to make the black gap in addition to introducing the technological know-how of holographic thought, astral projection, and Heisenberg's Uncertainty precept, this exciting and informative learn is ideal for any pupil of technological know-how in addition to for fanatics of technological know-how fiction, romance, and suspense.

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Distance doesn’t seem to be a factor in either. ” david placed the palm of his right hand on top of the extended index finger of his left hand. “Time out. ” His father answered. “it was proven years ago in an experiment where a single electron was fired at a partition that had two parallel slits with a fluorescent screen behind it. Logic expected the single electron particle to pass through one slit or the other and be seen on the fluorescent screen. instead, the electron passed through both slits, and was seen simultaneously at two positions on the screen.

Greg answered, “i’ve got an idea, but it will take me some lab time to prepare an experiment proposal. ” Ken looked over to his son patiently waiting in his Volkswagen. “i’m being pressed on this, Greg. ” Greg reached in his pocket for his car keys. “Meet me in my lab first thing Monday morning. ” SRI ON MONDAY Greg got up an hour early on Monday and dressed casually in sports shirt and slacks. He wanted to warm-up the electron microscope and get it stabilized for the experiment he planned to show Ken.

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