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By F. R. Leavis

Quantity 2 of a range from Scrutiny opens with Mrs Leavis's a lot quoted reviews, which jointly shape 'A serious conception of Jane Austen's Writings'. There follows a piece of stories of novelists (Dorothy Richardson, Gissing, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Henry James), and Mrs Leavis's learn of Edith Wharton. Then there are 3 of James Smith's essays: the prestigious 'Preliminary Survey' of Wordsworth; the both celebrated 'On Metaphysical Poetry' and the research of As you're keen on It. a bit on 'The English culture' reprints reviews of Jefferies, Beatrice Webb, Sturt and Piers Plowman.

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I honestly tell you my Sentiments and Intentions. I do not wish to work on your Fears, but on your Sense and Affection. It would destroy every comfort to my Life, to know that you were married to Lady Susan Vernon. ' We recognize the intonation of Sir Thomas blushing for his son Tom, the dignified accents of virtue consciously founded on good sense and right feeling. In addition to the principal situations carried over, which I have summarized earlier, there are many others adapted as we have seen Jane Austen adapting before.

The passive girl in love, with a successful rival always before her, and the exasperated sister are fused in Fanny, who is at once witness and confidante, sister and lover; it is through her sensibility that we feel what passes between Edmund and Mary Crawford, and she inherits from Mrs Vernon 'the perpetual irritation of knowing his [Edmund's] heart'. To make plausible the sisterly part (which is constantly stressed), the background in time was contrived that accounts for the more than cousinly relation between Edmund and Fanny and the peculiar bond of feeling between them.

I have done with Lamentation. I look upon the Event as so far decided, that I resign myself to it in despair. ' Fanny reflects: ' . . —On his side, the inclination was stronger, on hers less equivocal. His objections, the scruples of his integrity, seemed all done away with—nobody could tell how. It could only be imputed to increasing attachment. He was to go to town.. ' There are many such close parallels, and it is hardly necessary to point out that the changes show an increased psychological interest on the author's part, both the desire and the ability to probe deeper into feelings and motives and the reasonings of the heart.

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