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By Martin D. Stringer

The 2000 yr heritage of Christian worship is considered from a sociological point of view as Martin Stringer develops the belief of discourse as a manner of figuring out worship's position inside many diversified social contexts. Stringer presents a extensive survey of adjustments over 2000 years of the Christian church, including a sequence of case experiences that spotlight specific components of the worship, or particular theoretical purposes. providing a contribution to the continued debate that breaks clear of a only textual or theological research, this ebook presents a better figuring out of where of worship in its social and cultural context.

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What we do know is that bread and wine were involved. Ignatius refers to this as ‘medicine for the soul’ (Eph. 20:2). The eucharist is also related, albeit very loosely, to discussion of the flesh and blood of Christ (Phil. 4, Smyrn. 7:1).

Paul may not have approved. 16 When we look more widely at Paul’s writings, we can see that the idea of enthusiastic, Spirit-filled worship is reinforced. Familial terms for fellow Christians are common in Paul’s writing, and this was not common practice within the Roman and Hellenistic societies of the time. g. 1 Cor. 18 Like familial terms, such displays of intimate affection would probably have been seen as scandalous within the cultural context of the time. Phillips argues that the kiss (which he suggests would probably have been on the lips)19 was associated, within the earliest Christian communities, with the passing on from individual to individual of 15 16 17 18 19 I am using the term ‘ecstatic’ here in the way developed by I.

81. , 68. It is clear that if Trocme´ is right then the account of the Last Supper is part of a wider narrative account and not in any sense a charter for any specific ritual meal. Its shape and structure therefore are probably determined as much by the narrative needs of the text as by any attempt to provide an accurate account of any real or imagined celebration. This would be equally true of the Institution Narrative in 1 Corinthians if Trocme´’s overall thesis is correct. There is considerable evidence within the letter of a wider focus on themes from the Passion.

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