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By Amy E. Olsen

Academic Vocabulary presents vocabulary development with a visually stimulating, full-color layout to pique scholars’ curiosity and make the method enjoyable. This beautiful, highly-interactive workbook improves educational note wisdom via educational readings and interactive routines. Repetition of the phrases and getting the scholars to determine the phrases utilized in a number of contexts improves memorization.

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2. Discuss what you like and don’t like about the writing process. 3. How do you use math skills in your everyday life? Think about a variety of activities, from paying bills to going shopping. 4. Do you enjoy being out in nature? If you were going to take a sojourn, which environment would you prefer to visit: the mountains, the desert, or the beach? Why? 30 C HAP TER 4 Biology Word List adj. 1. shedding the leaves annually, as certain trees do 2. falling off at a particular stage of growth; transitory deciduous [di sij' öö as] m yriad [mir' e ad] parasitic [par' a sit' ik] n.

6. Name two types of fauna found in your city or town. 7. Write a list of five ages of people you know, and then calculate the median age. 8. Where would you like to sojourn during the summer? Why did you pick this place? 9. ” 10. Give examples of two problems (society’s or personal) that you would consider to be of high magnitude. 11. Give an example of a time when informal diction would be appropriate and a time when formal diction would be required. 12. List five numbers related to an area of your life (such as test scores, miles walked, or money spent on coffee), and determine the mean for them.

If your dictionary has the etymology (history) of the word, see how the word part relates to the meaning, and write the etymology after the definition. Word Part Meaning Word f& o d , lorye wo^ntfico Definition and Etymology E xam ple: m ag- ]. a Ven&tiQji nobleman t . aruj person o-f ktflk rank (•frOM Lartin wajni’fuMS, wo-fin/us) larfle, 1. a m b i- __________________________________________ 2. -duc- 3. -lev- 4. post- 5. -vi- or -viv- 36 C HA P T E R 5 Word Part s I Word Wise Context Clue Mini-Lesson 2 This lesson uses antonyms—words that mean the opposite of the unknown word— as the clues.

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