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By Johannes Helmond

This e-book places all rumors apart on alchemy. it tells directly up what's actual alchemy and what's pretend. this can be very informative and that i might suggest it to an individual drawn to the topic

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Having received such a spiritual name represents a high and holy obligation, because through this name, the Human Being should be reminded of his true intended purpose and his higher mission. This name should be his ally, his energy in opposing his cravings for doubt. This Name should raise the Human Being out of the animalistic and material world and should give him the consciousness that he is carrying God's Power within him. -(St. John 1-12) It is evident that even Kerning subsequently changed from his initial teachings, the primitive exercises of senseless, meaningless compositions of letters, and he then turned to the well-defined, meaningful nomina sacra.

The ancient Philosophi called this work or labour, their descent, their cineration, their pulverization, their death, their putrefaction of the materia of the stone, their corruption, their caput mortuum.

However, this spark is enveloped with the darkness of the earthly materia and lies powerless in the prison of the body. It is now up to the Human Beings to awake his Inner-Life, and to bring this, his divine Soul to speak. With his Word-Exercises, Kerning wanted to achieve, that his students would learn how to speak to their innermost and that was the purpose and nothing else. Kerning presumed that the power in the quabbalistic word would lie only in the composition of the letters. He was of the opinion that the Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Persians, Israelites and to a part the old church-fathers had given their believers aphorisms and prayers, which they were to speak to their innermost as letter-exercises, without any regard as to their content.

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