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1) passes to one of them (as to (4) in Diagram 1-5), and screens opposite for the other wing player (5). However, (2), in the ballside post, does not screen away. (2) moves to a position half-way to the ballside corner (short corner) and (3) cuts to the ballside high post. This alignment puts two big (and often awkward) defenders (X4 and X5) on the perimeter, which is usually out of their element. (4) reverses the ball to (1) by way of (5) at the point, and makes a shuffle cut off (3) to the ballside low post area.

See Diagram 1-27. When (4) sees (2) in the high post, he or she doubles back to screen for (3). This gives (2) room to work. See Diagram 1-28. Page 20 Diagram 1-27 Post Pop Diagram 1-28 If (5) cannot get the ball to (2), (5) passes to (3), who reverses it to (4). See Diagram 1-29. Diagram 1-29 The double downscreen is then executed with (3) and (2) coming down together to screen for (1). (5) uses this moving double screen by rubbing off defender to the ballside low post. See Diagram 1-30. Diagram 1-30 Double Down Page 21 If (5) is not open, (4) passes to (1) and the double stack is repeated with (4) screening down for (5) and (3) looping around (2).

This versatility will also allow an offense to work the defense and kill the clock in search of a high-percentage shot when protecting a precarious lead. Special Situations Chapters nine and ten are designed to help an offense during a game's closing minutes. Each chapter provides an offense with ultra-quick shot options that can be used when a team is playing "catch-up" and time is of the essence. For the times when a team is protecting a close lead and faces many critical possessions, an out-and-out control game is offered to help an offense kill the clock and resort to the previously mentioned ultra-quick shot options to obtain a high-percentage shot.

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