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For, it is surely not an indirect proof27 since : (i) there is proof by a pramdlJa only if there is a substratum for the pro­ bandum 28 ; (ii) there is no establishment of agreement with the opponent, and (iii) there is no conclusion of the contradictory position. (An Independent Proof? 3o For a nonmomentary locus is either impossible or unknown. 31 (79. 32 Moreover, the llonperception of a pervader will be inconclusive because the nature of the 2 . B. ally, a qualifier. A qualifying term when some passages, intensional 23 •• •s 2.

Krp iimarhati . iiniidevaikatvasiddhil).. tat pauru�asya liinapu­ narjatakeSakus akadalistambadau nirdalana t. amasmiibhil). e pratipiiditamiti tat eviivadhiiryam. amapek�ate . na tu kiiryotpattihetul).. ikasy api kramavat sahakarinaniitvadapi kramavatkiiryaniinatvamiti eet. 8) bhavatu tavat nijiigantukabhedena dvividhal1l siimarthyam. al1l sadyal). kriyiidharmakamavasyiibhy­ upagantavyam. tadyadi priigapi, priigapi kiiryaprasangal).. atha paseiideva, na tada sthiro bhiival).. (84. o 'pek�ata iti yuktam, tasyiisattviit.

68 [Understood] in just this manner, the said thesis concerning the production of a successive effect is irrefutable, because it agrees with the observations of everyday experience. (80. 8) Moreover, there is no scope for a reproach directed towards the thesis of simultaneity 64. in the case of a nonmomentary entity. For, given an accomplished effect of an action [or operation] capable of producing a definite effect, if there are also concurring substances whose qualities have produced the effect, the totality [of these], exclusive of the completed ob­ jective, produces.

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