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And then go DOWN and UNDER the center strands, as shown here... and then complete the stitch by coming UP and THROUGH the loop you made initially. Pull the working strand tight and your first Chinese Staircase stitch is complete! Let's try another one, alright? Start by making a loop on TOP of your central strands... and then come AROUND BEHIND the center strands and UP THROUGH the loop you made, like this. One more stitch. Make a loop ON TOP OF your central strands... and then go AROUND BEHIND the center strands as you come back UP and THROUGH the initial loop you made.

Here, I'm placing the BLUE strand over the RED one next to it... now take the strand you overlapped above, the RED one in this example, and take it OVER the first strand, the BLUE one, and also over the third strand, the GREEN one... the third strand, the GREEN one, then goes OVER the second strand, the RED one, and then under the first strand, the BLUE one. after you pull them tight, you'll have completed the first Triangle Stitch. Take a good look at the completed stitch. Can you see how it looks like a triangle, instead of the checkerboard seen in Square and Circle stitches?

30 Which should end up like this... and after you pull the purple loop a bit tighter, you can see that you've created a Square Stitch to the right of the SuperBrick Stitch! Now hold the other side of the stitch on the outside, so you can grab the other purple strand (the loose end on the side you just created the Square Stitch on)... push this purple end to the left to create a loop on the other side of the SuperBrick stitch, then move the green and yellow strands on this side out of your way. Place the center of your last short strand of scoubidou under the purple strands on the left of the SuperBrick.

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